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in thy presence is fulness of joy;
at thy right hand there are pleasures
for evermore. Psalms 16:11


Sunday, April 28, 2024

Why do girls value photos more than boys?

Or is that just a myth?

I'm asking because a while ago earlier this spring I posted two links.

One with about 4,000 photos I spent about four hours taking of boy athletes.

The other with about 750 photos I spent about 45 minutes taking of girl athletes.

Both were of athletes in the same sport and from the same school.

Both links were posted in stories next to each other within 5 minutes apart. And I follow / am followed back by about the same number of athletes on both teams.

Almost immediately almost all of the girl athletes looked at almost all of the 750 photos.

But to this day, not even one boy athlete has ever looked at or clicked on a single photo in that link with four hours of work and 4,000 photos. The entire gallery of boy athletes has had zero hits ever.

And this is a very common theme.

When I used to give away $2000 photoshoots once or so each season, if a boy would win, I got responses like this:

"You won!"

"um, what did i win"

"A $2000 dream destination photoshoot to anywhere you want to go within 400 miles!"

"[left on read]"

Of course, there have been a few times when girls didn't claim photoshoots if they randomly won, like when someone had to be at camp during the whole month that the photoshoot needed to be claimed within. (My heart is still broken for you that you couldn't claim it, by the way!)

But in general, it seems that girls understand the infinite value of photos more.

But I don't understand why!

After all, I'm a boy, and I understand the value of photos so much that I sacrifice almost everything to take them for you!

What has our society done to boys that makes them think that life is fine with no photos of themselves? What will their kids think if they have no photos to see of their fathers' boyhoods?

  Joseph Myers

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